Education Industry Solutions

    Peak Fire education industry solutions, for the country's schools and universities to provide education system solutions
    covering the examination room, campus broadcasting, safe campus, education recording and broadcasting system and so on.
    Improve learning and management efficiency

    Public Prosecution and Law Enforcement Financial Industry Solutions

    Deep plowing language intercom technology, to provide a wealth of complete audio and video solutions covering intelligent
    financial, convergence broadcasting, intelligent prisons and other solutions to create intelligent security solutions

    FH-A010-S Embedded help intercom terminal
    FH-A010-S embedded intercom terminal is an audio-video intercom product specially develope...

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    FH-S008-Q Pillar Type Intercom Terminal
    FH-S008-Q column type help intercom terminal is an audio/video intercom product specially ...

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    Window Intercom Mainframe FH-106
    The host can realize remote emergency alarm calling and being called, and the host and ext...

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    Window Intercom Extension FH-106X
    Metal cavity structure design, does not produce body resonance, the sound is natural, tran...

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    Standard Management Host FH-804H
    Intercom function: Support intercom function in online mode, full-duplex call with front-...

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    峰火,13 years of specialized phonetic videos

    focusing on Corporate Communications


    FHAI News

    新闻 | 2023-06-05
    [Invitation Letter] Peak Fire Intelligence cordially invites you to the 2023 China International Soc

    June 7~June 10 Welcome to visit Beijing Shougang Exhibition Center! Fiery Intelligence Booth No. 5 Hall 5D16 Looking for...

    新闻 | 2023-06-05
    [Campus Star Product] Peak Fire Intelligent IP Visual Intercom Broadcasting System, helping to build

    Campus broadcasting system is one of the indispensable infrastructures in every school, which is mainly used in various ...

    新闻 | 2023-06-05
    Peaceful Scenic Spot| Peak Fire Intelligent One-Key Alarm Intercom Broadcasting Solution

    Peak Fire Intelligent "Safe Scenic Spot" package for scenic visitors to build a safe and protective wall, to create a ...

    FHAI Hot news

    School Bullying Prevention Solution | With AI Technology, Together We Protect You as a Teenager
    新闻 | 2023-06-05
    School Bullying Prevention Solution | With AI Technology, Together We Protect You as a Teenager
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